Holiday dialysis

It is not easy for a dialysis patient to go on holiday. Many patients say: ‘It is only real holidays, when the dialysis is well organized’. And we listened to that. With our team we are ready to help you with your holiday dialysis. We have sufficient holiday dialysis places available in dialysis center Bangkok.

The dialysis department has enough dialysis stations. This leaves room for dialysis patients from abroad to dialysis as a guest. This can be done during the day and at night. The period can vary from a single dialysis to a number of weeks or longer.

Holiday programs

Standard Smile

Chiang Mai is the atmospheric cultural heart of Thailand. A lovely place where you will not get bored easily. Explore the beautiful temples in and around the city, visit the Sunday market and the fun night market.

Smile Smile Thailand

Take a trip to the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi, about 4 hours drive from Bangkok. Explore the jungle, take a boat trip on the river and immerse yourself in the history of the famous Bridge over the River Kwai in Kanchanaburi. Special is a ride on the Death Railway. But you can also kayak, swim in the river and enjoy the beautiful nature. You can stay here in an adventurous floating hotel, resort complete with atmospheric oil lamps!

Sea Sand Smile

The large peninsula of Phuket is known as ‘party destination’, but it has so much more to offer. As soon as you arrive outside the city of Patong, you will find pearl white beaches with a wide choice of luxury resorts.