Golf Tours and Holiday: in Thailand

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16 days


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Trip information

Day 1: Bangkok – Accommodation Ramana Plaza Maenam Riverside

After arriving at Suvarnabhumi Airport (pronounced: suwannaphum), the transfer takes place first to your hotel. After the trip, it’s great to refresh yourself!

Next we walk to the pier at Chao Praya to make a trip through Bangkok’s khlongs (canals) (Venice of the East). You get a good impression of the diversity of the city and are away from the hustle and bustle. The khlongs are life-races and the population usually lives in the traditional way. Along the water lie lush plantations, where mangoes, papaya, doerians and other tropical fruit are grown.
At the end of the journey we march at another very ancient temple; What Arun dates back to the 17th century.
A little warning is in place here; the stairs are very steep!

We are damn active today. There is a walk on schedule, thanks to the flower market Pak Klong Talad.
This is Thailand’s largest fruit, flower and vegetable market. This market provides the city with its 14 million inhabitants of fresh fruit, flowers and vegetables. It is the dream of every florist to walk here. Roses, orchids, lotus flowers, jasmine and even Dutch tulips are offered. Do not think there are only flowers; There is also enough …….. to eat.

After that we go back to our hotel where we enjoy a delicious international buffet.

Day 2: Bangkok – Golfcourse Thai Royal Gems Golfclub

It’s most wise not to go golf late, because being active under a spicy sunshine of 35 degrees is certainly no sinecure.
The 18 holes (par 72) you are going to hit today are situated in Nakornphatom, about 40 minutes drive from downtown Bangkok. Thai royal jewels, this is the Dutch translation of the English name of the golf course. Check out the pictures on the site ( and you understand why. And despite the fact that it is a holiday, we have to say that you are not alone in the fun. We therefore recommend that you take the golf section seriously, as it is about something!

China Town, the largest in the world, is on the menu. Now it’s going to be really busy! In the evening we take a walk through China Town, the most famous street of Thanon Yaowarat, which has many interesting and nice side streets.
After their flight to Mao Zedong, many Chinese people arrived through the Mekong in Thailand, where the majority settled in Bangkok. This district is one of the city’s most hectic and colorful neighborhoods. In the narrow streets, it fades from the markets, shops and of course ……………. Chinese. We not only taste the atmosphere, but also the food, and it is not just a Chinese; no, that will be special !!

After dinner, the guide brings you to your hotel.

Day 3: Bangkok

You naturally burst out of the muscle ache and dare not to admit that you are really tired. We’ll get that into account and keep that in mind.

First of all, we visit the Grand Palace. Women; take care of covered legs and gentlemen should wear pants with pipes. Dress decent !! You can also arrange the guide on the spot, but do not get too hot! It is touristy; admitted, but a must; the royal palace Wat Prakaew, or the temple of the emerald buddha.

This is by no means the only temple where no monks live, and the temple is more of a palace’s character.

What is a temple? No; what is a temple In Thai! What Pho is the largest and oldest in Bangkok (80,000 square meters) and offers shelter to more than a thousand Buddha scenes. This is more than any other temple in the country. In addition, here is also the largest single Buddha image: the lying Buddha (Phra Buddhasaiyas or พระพุทธ ไสยาสน์). This lying Buddha is forty-six feet long and fifteen feet tall and is additionally richly decorated with leaf gold and with pearl nut on the eyes and soles of the feet.

The temple is also seen as the place of origin of traditional Thai massage (no, that’s definitely not gentle!) Even before Wat Pho became a temple, it was the center for education in traditional Thai medicine.

The true golfer is now tied up because we are going to buy. Do not just buy, but we’re going to the biggest golfing center in Asia and maybe some more parts of the world too; 70 shops golfwalhalla spread over 4 floors. Pinging seems, however, more difficult than anywhere in Thailand!

Ennuh; just get used to it; Food is as important in Thailand as breathing. Thai only stop eating when they go to sleep, but probably they are dreaming of it. To get back to the atmosphere we enjoy dinner at the Bayoke Sky Restaurant. This restaurant is located in the tallest building of Thailand on the 76th and 78th floors of the 88-story hotel located in central Bangkok. The top floor turns and you have a great view over Krungthep (Bangkok).

Day 4: Bangkok /Khao Yai – La Belle Resort (Golfcourse: Khao Yai Golf Club “18 holes, par 72”)

Als eerste rijden we naar het Khao Yai National Park en maken een “boswandeling en bezoeken daarbij de Heaw Suwat waterval. Het is de meest bezochte waterval in het park omdat men hier ook een heerlijke frisse duik kan en mag nemen. Zwemspullen meenemen? Doe dat niet in het regenseizoen, behalve als je de zwemkunst meer dan meester bent.

In de middag nemen we alvast een voorproefje op morgen. We gaan naar de Khao Yai Golf Club ( for some driving (not with a car that is).

Dineren doen we bij een lokaal restaurant en daarna een ……. Night Safari in de jungle. Of je bang moet zijn? Ach; een beetje avontuur is nooit weg!!

Day 5: Khao Yai

Today is quite relaxed. First golf at the same club as yesterday and afterwards … well; do what you want

Day 6: Khao Yai – Ayutthaya – Accommodatie: Classic Kameo

A busy day today. We leave for Ayutthaya for a visit to the temples of the ancient capital of Siam. This was once one of the most powerful cities in Southeast Asia. In this city, UNESCO listed on the World Heritage Site, numerous temples and palaces remain from the period that this city belonged to the richest of the region. Ayutthaya was destroyed by the Burmese army in 1767.
Take the time and enjoy the serene rest. Just like yesterday, you’ll be flooded again by a historical atmosphere that makes you realize your own vanity.

Get so much walking and impressions, you get hungry and what’s more fun than to sit down for lunch!
With a full belly, we take a boat trip for a cruise on the Chao Praya, which is still significantly narrower than in Bangkok.

From the hotel we leave with the tuk tuk to, sorry; ruins. But; The location is different and these historic artifacts are illuminated and you will get food because the restaurant where we are going to dine is located here.

Day 7: Ayutthaya /Chiang Rai – Accommodation: Dusit Island (Golfcourse: Santiburi Country Club)

Today we drive north to Chiang Rai. Only one hour on the bus back to Bangkok and from there we take the plane.
The remaining light part of the day can be spent on the Bermuda 419 grass of Santiburi Golf Course.
Check out ( Par 72 at 18 holes; so that has to be done! Ho ho ho just drive it!

And by the end of the day we enjoy a delicious dinner at a restaurant chosen by your guide carefully.

Day 8: Chiang Rai

We are going abroad! Hey? We were already abroad? Well OK then; we are going to Burma! You will certainly experience that as a bit back in time. The public transport we take there. It looks like the tuk-tuk anyway.

You know them from pictures. In Africa, it is the Masai, but in Burma (and Thailand) it is the Karen women. With these mountain peoples, women seem to have a very long neck through the metal rings they wear. Do not try to remove the rings! In addition, we will visit some other attractions, including a temple where young women become poor comforters. Of all donations given to the temple, education for these women is paid.

In the afternoon, take a rest and enjoy a Thai massage. We have said it before; with the tourist will not be treated very carefully, which does not mean that you have no respect for you.

Day 9: Chiang Rai

Today, it is all about the noble sport with the little white ballet. Relax and take time because you have the whole day. Previously finished? No problem; because probably the hotel pool will result!

Day 10: Chiang Rai /Chiang Mai – Accommodation The Empress Hotel

Just after our departure from the hotel we first visit … a temple. No no no; Do not say “We’ve seen enough” right away, because this is different. This is white and hot, how surprising, The White Temple (Wat Rong Khun)! What Rong Khun is built in a white color to show the cleanliness of Buddha. With white mosaic, the wisdom of Buddha is reflected.

It is expected that the construction of the entire temple complex will not be completed until 2070. The entire complex will then consist of nine buildings, each building having its own meaning.

In an earthquake in 2014 with a force in northern Thailand, Wat Rong Khun has been severely damaged. Initially, the temple complex would remain permanently closed, but by a large amount of donations the temple could be fully restored.

Even when it’s dark, we’ll stumble, even if everything gets a little more romantic character. First of all, we are transporting in traditional way with the tuk tuk. And what about a traditional Khantoke dinner? A what? Actually, it’s a Lanna Khantoke dinner. This is a traditional dinner where you sit with your legs under your fold. Just like home so, but with dance and music.

Day 11: Chiang Mai – Golfcourse: Chiang Mai Highland Golf Club.

It’s always a party if you’ve been to the Chiang Mai Highland Golf Club. Throughout the day you can enjoy sporting relaxation on the golf course.

Day 12: Chiang Mai

Today is a relatively quiet day. We drive to the Mae Taman Elephant Park in about an hour. Not only do we see elephants at work, but we also lower the river on a bamboo float. Waterfalls and rapids are your biggest enemy.

Whoever survives goes to lunch for lunch and then returns to the hotel and you are free.

Walk out in the evening, as the evening market in the city center is well worth the effort.

Day 13: Chiang Mai /Bangkok /Pattaya – Accommodation: Dusit / Centara of gelijkwaardig hotel

We take the domestic flight to Bangkok and arrived at Don Mueang Airport, we take the bus to the last stop; Pattaya!

Day 14: Pattaya – Golfcourse: Siam Country Club

This will be the last day to be corrugated. Again 18 holes and par 72. Meanwhile in shape? Let’s see then. Perhaps the disability can drop or beat 18 under par? Oh; What does it matter, it’s about winning and not about the game. Or was it the other way around?

Oh yeah; tonight will be a bit official. We are going to a (rotating) restaurant with style and then … … the prize-giving takes place. Well, because we said at the beginning that golf is a serious sport? So; who was the best of the company now?

Day 15: Pattaya

The last day of the holiday and this is free to spend. Still need culture? Perhaps a visit to Sanctuary of Truth or (in the evening) Alangkarn is an option?

Day 16: Pattaya /Amsterdam

Unfortunately, it is up again; back home. We check out and leave for the airport in Bangkok!
You’re coming again?