Round Trip: Two Countries Smile Thailand

21-days tour through Thailand – including all accommodation

Nice points to know

Private Dutch speaking guide

Complete care trip

The program is available at any time, both before departure and during your trip

Including all accommodation costs based on accommodation and breakfast, transport costs, all entrance fees

Excluding airline tickets**

21 days


price from 2 persons

Trip along the highlights of Thailand

The perfect tour for an extensive and varied introduction to Thailand and the Bangkok city.

Including airplane ticket?

This trip also possible booking with airline tickets.

Trip information

Day 1: Bangkok
After arriving in Bangkok you will be picked up at the airport by your guide and brought to your hotel by minibus. After that, you will spend the rest of the day free.
Optional: Dinner at Banyok Tower (Thailand’s highest tower)

Day 2: Bangkok
In the morning we go to Don Waai for breakfast. This is a local market on a quiet river. This may be possible. a boat trip on the program. Then to the heart of Bangkok to visit the vibrant flower market. Possibly we can have lunch here and visit the Chinese Quarter with its narrow alleys and visit Wat Trimitr (5,500kg of Golden Buddhas).
Optional: Dinner with a very special spectacle; fireflies!

Day 3: Bangkok
Of course, a visit to the Royal Palace and the stunning temple complex Wat Pra Kew may not be lacking. From there to Wat Po (longest lying Buddha of Thailand, 64 m long). Then with a lantern boat the water rises for a walk through the sounds (channels). The rest of the day is in consultation with the guide.
Optional: Dinner show in Silom City (traditional temple dance)

Day 4: Bangkok – Kanchanaburi
We leave Bangkok today by minibus (air conditioned) and go to Damnoen Sadoeak. This is a very lively floating market, where the sellers in small boats try to bring their value to the man. Then we drive to Kanchanaburi for a boat trip to the Jungle-raft Hotel. This is a quiet, nature-based hotel, which built rooms on rafts. In the evening music / dance is performed by the local Mon tribe

Day 5: Jungle-raft – Pitsanulok
After breakfast we return to the minibus, which takes us to the ruins of Ayutthaya.
Then we continue to Pitsanulok.
Optional: a ride through the city on a rickshaw and possibly. then on to the “flying vegetables”.

Day 6: Pitsanulok – Sukothai – Chiang Mai
After breakfast we visit Pitsanulok’s most beautiful Buddha in Thailand. This is over 700 years old. People sacrifice fruits, flowers, rice and even pork heads. Then on to Sukothai, where we visit the Sukothai Historical Park.
Upon request, the guide rents a few bikes, so that the park with its many ruins and ponds with lotus flowers can be visited in a unique way and at your own pace.
After lunch we drive to Chiang Mai (with stopover), where we arrive late in the afternoon. Stay here overnight.
Optional: Surprise dinner.

Day 7: Chiang Mai
By the minibus we go up the mountain for a visit to one of Thailand’s most famous temples: Wat Phra Doi Suthep. From this high point there is a fantastic view over the city of Chiang Mai. Then we visit a village with San Kampaeng crafts
In the evening it is free to visit the night market with its many stalls for good food and cheap souvenirs.

Day 8: Chiang Mai
A day of free spending; lazing by the pool or a fun activity. Everything is negotiable with your guide.

Day 9: Chiang Mai
After breakfast we go to Thai cooking class. Hopefully the cook will take you to buy food and then prepare it with him. In conclusion, the cooked dishes are of course self-eaten.
In the afternoon you can relax at the swimming pool. Optionally, it is possible to make a trip on an elephant, possibly. followed by a ride on an ox car.

Day 10: Chiang Mai – Chiang Rai
We leave Chiang Mai and drive to Chiang Rai. On the way there is every opportunity to make a stopover to take pictures of rice fields and the like.
In the afternoon we reach the Golden Triangle, where we go uphill for a visit to mountain tribes (Acka).
We are staying near the Mekong River in Cheng Saen. The hotel is known for its good cuisine.

Day 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16: Laos
Departure to Laos. We take a longtail boat to the other side of the Mekong River for a visit to Luang Prabang and the capital of Laos: Vientiane. The Thai guide goes with you. A local guide will be provided, which will provide you with an appropriate program in consultation with you. The main goal is to experience nature in its unspoiltness and to discover the culture of the people in Laos in its purest form. It may be possible to transport with a pick-up the condition of the roads. We are thinking of visiting a mountain tribe where tourism has not yet been penetrated, a primitive village with a school visit, a whiskey choir and when there is no problem early in the morning, we will go to bed the following morning at 5.30 to make how local people offer rice to monks who, after the morning celebration, descend the steps of the temple and thank the people with ritual songs.

Day 17, 18, 19, 20: Vientiane, Bangkok, Hua-hin.
The first day will be a travel day. We will take the Mekong River back to Thailand and after a 45-minute drive, we will arrive by minibus at Udon Thani Airport. At the beginning of the afternoon we will fly back to Bangkok. From there we go to Hua Hin with the minibus. This is a quiet beach in the Gulf of Siam. Here you will spend the last days of your stay in Thailand.

Day 21 Hua-hin, Bangkok
We leave Hua Hin for a minibus to go to Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok and say goodbye to this beautiful country. Although it’s probably not the last one